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Clear and unequivocal: my position on the Iraq War

Posted: 20/04/10

In Parliament I have fought for dozens of causes dear to me including better childcare, raising the wages of those on low-incomes, tackling climate change and highlighting the suffering of the people of Gaza.

I work as part of a team wherever possible but I've never been afraid of voting against the government when my conscience dictated.

That is why I voted against the Government over its decision to participate in the invasion of Iraq. I felt at the time (and still do) that the war was an incorrect judgement call. This was why I supported, along with… » Read more


Candidate declaration

Posted: 19/04/10

Current best practice guidance from the Electoral Commission suggests that Parliamentary Candidates should make a clear statement regarding any relevant interests they hold.

In accordance with that guidance and in the format prescribed, I have completed the declaration to comply with the best practice recommendations.

Declaration of Interests form

Name of candidate Karen Buck

Constituency: Westminster North

Political party: THE LABOUR PARTY

Date of publication: 16/4/10

(a) Other paid jobs and whether I intend to continue to hold them, if elected

None - did have a column for Regeneration magazine,… » Read more


Karen honoured for campaign work on child poverty by Child Poverty Action Group

Posted: 30/03/10

Karen Buck MP has been chosen for a second successive year as the Child Poverty Action Group MP of the Year for her work campaigning on behalf of low income families and children. C

PAG will present her with a certificate in recognition of this work on Thursday afternoon.

Meanwhile, The Institute of Fiscal Studies, Britain's leading independent economic think-tank, have weighed in to the debate on social inequality and unemployment - a key theme being used by the Conservatives. The IFS have pointed out that the record on youth unemployment was no better, and on poverty and… » Read more


Government boost Child Trust Fund allowance for families with disabled children

Posted: 18/03/10

Treasury Minister Sarah Macarthy-Fry today visited the Rainbow centre in Queen's Park to announce extra money for Child Trust Funds for families with disabled children.

Families with disabled children face many barriers - not only do much loved children with disabilities involve extra costs, caring for them also often limits their parents ability to earn. Karen said: "I warmly welcome this development and the additional recognition of the needs of disabled children. I urge constituents to make sure that if they have not already set up a Child Trust Fund to do so.



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Frail economy needs another stimulus

Posted: 11/03/10

Karen put her name to the following letter published in the Guardian yesterday:

"The Conservative party's calls for immediate cuts to the economy have been met by a growing chorus of criticism, warning that this risks sending the economy back into recession (Report, 8 March). The government was right to stimulate the economy with a variety of measures last year and so offset some of the worst effects of the recession. Yet, as some of the world's leading economists have pointed out, the fragile nature of the recovery means that fiscal stimulus is still required. However, according to the IMF,… » Read more


Looking again at whether current laws on dangerous dogs need changing

Posted: 11/03/10

The Environment Secretary, the Rt Hon Hilary Benn has announced that the Government will hold a consultation on whether the current laws on dangerous dogs are enough to protect the public and encourage responsible dog ownership.

The vast majority of dog owners are well-meaning and responsible and make sure their pet ownership does not impact negatively on the wider community. I know in north Westminster that we've made progress through the use of dog wardens and behavioural training programmes for dogs. But there does seem to be a problem with dangerous dogs and a minority who do not keep their… » Read more


Back from Gaza

Posted: 10/03/10

I have just returned from a three day fact finding mission to the Gaza strip. I went with a British parliamentary delegation and other members of the Britain-Palestine All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) to assess the effects of the on-going blockade and limited reconstruction efforts, over one year on from Israel's invasion which left 1,400 Palestinians dead.

The lack of reconstruction in Gaza fourteen months after Operation Cast Lead is truly astonishing. I saw first hand the homes, schools and hospitals that continue to lie in ruin, because Israel refuses to allow access for the concrete, steel and glass that are… » Read more


Karen makes the case for early detection and treatment of cancer on the Channel 4 Political Slot

Posted: 23/02/10

On Monday night Karen made an appearance in a Channel 4 political slot to highlight the benefits of early detection and treatment when it comes to fighting cancer and to discuss the changes being made by the Labour Government to introduce a legally enforcable right to see a Cancer specialist within two weeks if a GP suspects their patient may have cancer.

You can watch Karen by following the link below:

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Standing up for our Safer Neighbourhood Teams and investment in police numbers

Posted: 10/02/10

In Prime Minister's Questions today I asked the Prime Minister about continuing support and investment in police numbers and Safer Neighbourhood Teams. As I said in my question earlier "high visability police patrols are the public's number one priority for reassurance and crime prevention." I am therefore highly concerned that the rise of police numbers in London by 6,500 over the last few years appears to be going into reverse with Mayor of London Boris Johnson's Draft budget implying a cut of 455 officers over his time in Office.

These planned cuts to the operational budgets of the Metropolitan Police… » Read more


Helping People into work since 1910

Posted: 01/02/10

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the introduction of the first Labour exchanges set up to help people find work. There were just 62 Labour exchanges when they were first introduced on 1 February 1910. Each had separate entrances for men and women, the skilled and unskilled were kept apart and children as young as 11 were regularly seen in the queues.

We have come a long way since then. Labour exchanges have become Jobcentre Plus centres. We now have 750 newly designed centres around the country staffed by over 78,000 employees and with jobs that range from security guards… » Read more


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