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New NHS shock as Westminster faces big losses

Posted: 11/12/13

December 9th 2013

Right Hon Jeremy Hunt MP
Secretary of State for Health
Department of Health
Richmond Terrace
London SW1

Dear Jeremy,

I am writing prior to what I understand will be a decision of NHS England on December 17th relating to the 2014/15 CCG Indicative Target allocations.

I am deeply concerned about the implications for inner London, both in respect of Central London CCG and West London CCG, which covers the Queen's Park Ward in my constituency. These two CCGs face reductions of £53m and £89m (37%) respectively.

I appreciate that changes in the funding formula will be phased,… » Read more


Westminster City Council Slammed for Maladministration

Posted: 23/09/13


The Local Government Ombudsman has today released a report investigating 40 separate complaints from… » Read more


Karen’s article on the vote on Syria

Posted: 04/09/13

It has felt, depressingly, as though most media commentary since Parliament's vote on intervention in Syria has focused on what it means for British politics- on the political consequences for David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg, or (somewhat breathlessly and even, at times, hysterically) whether the vote plunges Britain into a new era of isolationism, appeasement and the death of the ‘special relationship' with the US (it doesn't). More column inches have been devoted to us than to the Syrian tragedy. But it is the Syrian people who should remain the focus of this debate.

Individual MPs may have… » Read more


I want your view on cycle safety

Posted: 14/08/13

I'm asking local residents to get in touch with their views on cycle safety in London ahead of a Commons debate on cycling. MPs will be debating 18 Get Britain Cycling safety recommendations that could make cycling safer and more popular for millions of people in Britain when we return in September.

The announcement this week of extra government investment in cycling is welcome, but the challenge is huge: road deaths amongst cyclists and pedestrians were up 50% In Westminster compared with a year ago, while the number seriously injured rose 19% more than in any other borough. Boris Johnson… » Read more


July E-Newsletter

Posted: 12/07/13


At the dawn of the new NHS; urgent care is in crisis

Posted: 29/05/13

This April, the largest re-organisation of the NHS since its creation came into effect. GPs are now responsible for planning and purchasing health care for their local communities, via the Clinical Commissioning Groups which replace the old Primary Care Trusts. Meanwhile, the proposed closure of Accident and Emergency units at Charing Cross, Hammersmith and Central Middlesex hospitals is under way, and the NHS Direct phone service has been abolished in favour of the new problematic 111 line. And whilst the NHS has been protected from the worst cuts in public spending, which have been applied to local government, policing and… » Read more


Karen’s April Newsletter

Posted: 24/04/13


Karen Buck’s 2013 Harrow Road Survey

Posted: 14/03/13


Getting the word out

Posted: 28/02/13

Over the years of being a MP I have worked hard to engage and communicate with my constituents using all available forms of communication. I have made great use of new technologies especially emails and twitter. However, it is not always easy to communicate complex and difficult issues in short mail-outs or quick web-posts.

For those of you that know me, I have always tried to tackle the issues within Westminster and recently have been no different. So far this year I have commissioned two surveys gathering local opinion on the Harrow Road and Basement Developments, along with challenging the… » Read more


Karen’s column on elderly care costs

Posted: 12/02/13

It wasn't long ago that people retired from work expecting, at best, a few years in which to enjoy the fruits of their labour. The transformation of our society into one where retirement spans decades for the majority is remarkable, welcome- and challenging. There are now more pensioner than young people in our society for the first time. So the question of how to provide and pay for good care- whether medical care in hospital, or social care at home- is one of the most profound of our age. There has been plenty of bad news to ponder. The collapse… » Read more


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