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Safer area for residents

Posted: 14/04/09


Many residents around the Prince of Wales Junction have had to live with high levels of anti social behaviour in their basement areas, particularly at night and in the early hours. Through pressure from us money was found from the Crime Protection fund to provide secure entrances to these basement areas.  This has had a major beneficial effect for people living in that area.  If you are a tenant and your basement area is used for anti social activity please get in touch with us.

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Posted: 13/04/09

Following a debate on tackling crime at the last Westminster council meeting, local Labour Councillors have been looking more at getting CCTV installed in more places. The council had experimented with this idea some years ago but then gave it up as too ineffective. Residents in Charfield Court have found a relatively inexpensive way of operating a CCTV system (it records all the time but is not monitored constantly) which we will take to the council and City West Homes to see if it is a good idea for other residents.

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Posted: 13/04/09

 Bikers in Harrow Road Ward, and visiting bikers, are now being charged to park.  This is despite the fact that motorbikes are exempt from the congestion charge, and take up far less space than do cars.  Westminster’s Labour councillors liaise with the bikers’ campaign against the new charge, and Councillor Ruth Bush, together with her Westbourne Ward colleague Councillor Rupert D’Cruz, vigorously made the case against the new charge at the Built Environment Committee meeting on 31 March.

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Underground Basements

Posted: 11/04/09

Residents have contacted local Labour Councillors about recent permission given by the Council’s Planning Committee for the building of underground rooms involving the digging out of gardens and removal of trees and greenery. Residents say that this damages drainage and the environment

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Junction of St John’s Wood Road and Lisson Grove

Posted: 08/04/09

Local Labour Councillors have asked the Director of Transport to investigate the following issue which a local resident has brought to our attention;


“Cars coming from Maida Vale to turn right into Lisson Grove have their view blocked by traffic turning right from the opposite direction. Either one takes a chance and turn without a clear view or one waits until the lights change holding up the traffic behind. This is all caused by the fact that the arrows on the road are marked so that right turning traffic from both directions is signposted by arrows on the road to turn in front of each other if these were changed so that traffic was signposted to turn behind each other the problem would be solved.”

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Warwick and Brindley towers

Posted: 07/04/09

As the major work winds down there are still serious problems in the towers which we are trying to get resolved. The water system keeps making loud "hammering noises" about which residents in Gaydon House have petitioned City West Homes. 


The television system in the towers still produces poor results or no signal at all, despite a lot of work on the system and some in individual flats. City West Homes has identified poor workmanship as part of the reason and may take the contractor to court. 


Even if the system did work perfectly, many of the channels which residents want to watch would not be available, but residents are banned from getting their own satellite dishes. City West Homes are now thinking… » Read more


Inspiring Communities

Posted: 07/04/09

Westbourne ward could be in line for £450,000 from the Government to help local secondary school children. If successful, the ‘Inspiring Communities’ scheme would "fund and support neighbourhood partnerships to deliver a programme of activities working with young people,  their parents and communities,  to create new opportunities, broaden horizons and build up the self-confidence of local people". We are strongly supporting the bid!

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Posted: 04/04/09

Local Labour Councillors have been concerned for some time about the poor quality of some of the housing in the Harrow Road area. Many are Victorian terrace houses that were converted into flats in the 1930’s and after the war. Much of this conversion was not of a high standard and through neglect by landlords became damp ridden and difficult to heat due to draughts. Through the Harrow Road Partnership and the participation of your Councillors a pilot programme has begun to do a detailed inspection of the health impacts of converted flats in an area of the Ward. This will result in improvements to these properties, which in turn will ensure that those residents live in a healthier environment. It is hoped to extend this programme to other parts of Harrow Road. If you live in rented property which has damp or high level of draughts please get in touch with us.

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Posted: 02/04/09

Following representations from residents about speeding traffic along Fernhead Road local Labour Councillors asked the Council to investigate what can be done to slow down drivers. As a result, the Director of Transport has asked the London Safety Camera Partnership to investigate Fernhead Road as part of its campaign against drivers who regularly appear to be travelling too fast. In addition, in order to increase drivers' awareness that they are exceeding the speed limit, the Director has told us that he is considering two speed activated warning signs for Fernhead Road.

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Posted: 30/03/09

Westbourne's three councillors, Rupert D'Cruz, Papya Qureshi and David Boothroyd, are setting up regular meetings with chairs of the residents associations in the ward. We hope to exchange information about the way City West Homes runs the estates, and provide a forum to allow us to be better informed when we represent views of residents to the council.

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