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Primrose Hill development plans thrown out

Posted: 22/04/09

A plan to build an eight-storey residential development in St Edmund’s Terrace, with underground car park and a private gym, overlooking Primrose Hill has been refused by Camden Council. Many St John’s Wood residents said the scheme would wreck views from Regent’s Park.

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New Security Doors

Posted: 20/04/09


New security doors are proposed on the following estates:



Type of Works

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Posted: 20/04/09

After being alerted by local residents, local Labour Councillors have reported a series of problems of anti-social behaviour at Ashburton House on the Lydford Estate to City West Homes and to the Police and are pleased to say that since we made the reports residents tell us that the situation has improved.


In addition, security works at the Lydford Estate, including restricting access points to estate, will be starting in July and will be completed in December.

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Campaign to re-open the Regent’s Park Tennis and Golf Centre

Posted: 19/04/09

Labour Councillors have called for the re-opening of the former Regent's Park Tennis and Golf Centre which was closed by The Royal Parks in 2007 as part of a failed attempt to turn it in to a Football Centre. Labour Group Leader Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg has written today to Royal Parks Chief Executive Mark Camley enclosing the results of a recent survey undertaken by Labour Councillors which shows overwhelming support for the re-opening of the Tennis and Golf Centre. Councillor Dimoldenberg has asked for a meeting with Mr Camley to discuss the results of the survey.

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg said;

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St John’s Wood Barracks

Posted: 18/04/09

Local Labour Councillors are concerned at the Eyre Estate’s proposals for St John’s Wood Barracks. We would like to see the existing Jubilee Buildings retained and refurbished. Karen has highlighted the following 5 key issues about the current proposals for St John’s Wood Barracks:

§         The current design is neither sympathetic to the local environment nor sufficiently imaginative to constitute an interesting alternative.

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Pedestrian Crossing Campaign

Posted: 17/04/09

We have received a great deal of support for our campaign against the Mayor’s proposal to reduce the time that pedestrian have to cross the road at pelican crossings. Residents have told us:


“I am glad you are arguing against cutting the time given for pedestrians to cross light-controlled crossings. We frequently use the crossing across the Finchley Road to St John's Wood tube station. We are able-bodied and we find it a sprint. The elderly and infirm, those with pushchairs or encumbered by baggage can't possibly manage to cross safely in the time. Inadequate crossing time encourages pedestrians to take risks – for instance crossing the Finchley Road to and from the tube station, pedestrians seeing the north-south traffic halting often start out against the red man light and are caught by cars turning into the Finchley Road.”

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New housing, welfare and debt service launched

Posted: 16/04/09

A new housing, welfare and debt service has been launched in Queens Park ward to support residents who are struggling to cope in these difficult economic times. You can get free and confidential welfare benefits advice, benefit entitlement checks, debt and housing advice. The advice sessions are run at the Beethoven Centre every Monday afternoon between 1.00pm – 4.00pm. The funding comes from the Queen’s Park Ward Budget, as well as from the Dolphin Square Foundation, A2Dominion and Paddington Development Trust.

You can book an appointment by calling 7723 5928.

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Marylands Road

Posted: 16/04/09

Residents have alerted local Labour Councillors to the problem of mini cabs illegally parked, causing an obstruction and not making payment when parked in paid for parking bays. We have raised this with the Council and the area will be monitored by the Council’s on-street enforcement contractor.  The location has also been placed under special enforcement for four weeks.


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Railings by the canalside

Posted: 15/04/09

A large stretch of the railings between the canal towpath and open space by the Warwick Estate have been removed as part of the work on the Canalside Open Space - encouraging cyclists to go very fast down the path. Geese from the canal have been "leaving messages" on the grass which is a health problem if children play there. 


After the Warwick Estate Residents Association raised this issue, we have been working with Westbourne Forum and the Council’s Parks department to make this area safer for everyone. A new chicane to slow down cyclists has been installed but we know cyclists are still going too fast. Other changes are coming soon, including line markings and signposting. 

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Anti-Social Behaviour

Posted: 14/04/09

Anti-social behavior continues to be a problem and local Labour Councillors are helping residents in Third Avenue and Fifth Avenue with problems with their neighbours. We were very disappointed to hear that a recently-planted tree at the corner of Sixth Avenue and Ilbert Street was destroyed just two weeks after being planted.

Local Councillors supported the introduction of a Dispersal Zone in the Dart Street area in order to deal with potential problems caused by organized gangs of young people. We are liaising closely with the local police who are monitoring the situation closely.

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