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Harrow Road shopfronts

Posted: 11/06/09

Ten Harrow Road traders have signed up to the new shop fronts scheme and an architect is producing high quality traditional shop front designs which will help lift visual appeal of the Harrow Road shopping area. Implementation of first new shop front will take place late July with the remainder by March 2010. We hope that this will bring more customers to the area and encourage more retailers to open up along the Harrow Road.

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Posted: 10/06/09

Council would rather spend £1.8 million on Marble Arch fountains and £5.8 million on staff bonuses
Labour Church Street Councillors Barbara Grahame and Aziz Toki have demanded an inquiry into why Westminster City Council has stopped rebuilding work at Broadley Gardens which closed last year and also forced the removal of the long-standing IMPS Playgroup. The Gardens have been closed since last autumn after Westminster Conservative promised to give the Gardens a facelift and rebuild the nursery.
But, following the loss of £17 million in now-failed Icelandic Banks, Labour Councillors believe that the Conservatives have now run out of money for the rebuilding of the Gardens and the Playgroup building and have halted all building work. And earlier this year Mayor Johnson refused to give Westminster £400,000 for the rebuilding of the Gardens.
Councillor Barbara Grahame said;
"This part of Church Street is one of the mose densely populated areas in Westminster. Yet the Conservatives would rather spend £1.8 million on tarting up Marble Arch fountains and giving already well-paid senior… » Read more



Posted: 05/05/09

The cost of the new Little Venice Sports Centre in Crompton Street has increased by nearly £1 million as a result of series of blunders and delays by Westminster City Council which have increased costs by 21% from £4,422,000 to £5,351,000, an increase of over £929,000. The construction of the new sports centre should have been completed by February 2009 but been delayed by over four months and will now not be finished until June 2009.
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Wessex Gardens

Posted: 30/04/09

Local Labour Councillors are working closely with Wesssex Gardens Residents Association and had a productive meeting with City West Homes to discuss various shortcomings in the quality of repairs and maintenance on the estate. Four issues were identified:

§         The performance of Linbrook - Quality of Work;  Poor communication with residents about repair works and a failure to follow through on promises

§         CWH’s poor record when it comes to contract letting, particularly with Linbrooks and the cancellation on two occasions in the recent past of the contract for the estate’s heating system

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New trees at the corner of Kilburn Lane and Ilbert Street

Posted: 24/04/09

A semi-mature North American Sweet Gum tree has been planted at the junction of Kilburn Lane and Ilbert Street following a long campaign by residents led by Julie Power and her neighbours. The tree, which has maple-like leaves that turn a bold crimson in the autumn will add a vibrant splash of colour to the area. In addition, the area at the junction of Kilburn Lane and Ilbert Street has been repaved and de-cluttered, with railings and signs removed to make way for the gum tree and two smaller ornamental Chanticleer Pear trees. The next stage is to persuade BT to remove the telephone box which is constantly being vandalized and used by drug dealers.

Along with the new gum tree, which can grow up to 60ft high, the junction at the start of this section of Kilburn Lane by Chamberlayne Road has been narrowed to help stem the flow of traffic and deter drivers from using it as a short-cut for cars and lorries making their way between the main section of Kilburn Lane and Harrow Road.

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Extended surgery times for local doctors

Posted: 24/04/09

Local doctors surgeries are now open extended hours.

o       Dr Ahmed and Dr Nagarajan at the Queen’s Park Health Centre on Dart Street are now open on Monday evenings from 6.30pm -8.00pm. Call Dr Ahmed on 8964 9990 and Dr Nagarajan on 8960 5252.

o       Dr Garfield and Dr Sarnicki at The Medical Centre at 321 Shirland Road are open on Monday evenings from 6.30pm – 7.30pm and on Friday evenings from 6.30pm – 7.30pm – phone 8969 2626

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Violet Hill Gardens

Posted: 24/04/09

Local Labour Councillors are supporting the St John's Wood Society and the Violet Hill Residents Association who are concerned about the continued daily use of the gardens by many hundreds of children attending Abercorn School. We have written to the Council to ask why a commercial concern is being allowed to make very regular use of this facility which is depriving local residents of the quiet enjoyment of the garden. We have pointed out that there are alternative locations for the Abercorn School children to play, including the nearby Paddington Recreation Ground which is much larger and a more appropriate location.

The garden was built on the site of an old school in 1952 and opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother the same year. The garden has recently undergone a number of works which include an upgrade of the 1950's public convenience to include disabled and baby changing facilities.

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Brunel Youth Project

Posted: 23/04/09

Karen Buck MP has written to the Council about the Brunel Youth Project. Karen says;


“Although this project has never been located in the most attractive location, it seems now to have been neglected to the point where it is an eyesore. The surround in scruffy in the extreme, with bits of old paper tacked onto the outside, and as an advertisement for youth services it leaves a great deal to be desired.  Residents are also saying that they think it is very poorly used.”


Karen has asked the Council to liaise with City West Homes to see if the façade could be made more welcoming, and to let her know exactly what services are offered from here, and the plans… » Read more


Graffiti on canalside of bus garage

Posted: 23/04/09

A long-running graffiti problem on the canal side of the Westbourne bus garage may be about to be cleaned up for good, after we got the council to intervene. They ordered the bus company to clean up their building, and the bus company contacted the local Inspector who has arranged to work with the Probation Service to clean it as part of community service for young offenders.


The Probation Service told local Labour Councillors that the offenders who will be cleaning up the graffiti include some who were responsible for putting it there in the first place. If it returns after it is cleaned off, the bus garage management now knows the contact number for the Probation Service, and it is on their regular round of community jobs needing doing - so whenever graffiti appears, it is likely to be cleaned off quite quickly.

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Tackling Crime in Westbourne Ward – What you told local labour councillors

Posted: 22/04/09

Last month Westbourne ward councillors compiled a detailed report on the crime and security issues in Westbourne ward and raised these at a Council meeting. We sent copies of the report to residents and these are some of your comments;


“I thank you for the update you have provided and for the efforts and the contribution you are making”


Thank you for forwarding these notes. I remain convinced that the only means of resolving the Aldridge Road Villas/Westbourne Park Road prostitution & drug dealing problem is to install a CCTV camera, as Kensington & Chelsea have a few streets away.”

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