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Queen’s Park Interfaith Event – Saturday 20th June

Posted: 22/06/09

Karen Buck MP and local Labour Councilors attended the Queen’s Park Interfaith Event on 20th June. This event which has been running successfully for a number of years and attendance has been growing year by year. The group is managed by the North Westminster Interfaith Group, a steering group of religious leaders active in the local community. The event brings together the different faith communities in Queen’s Park with the wider community and provides the opportunity for people from different backgrounds to learn more about each other’s traditions, culture and beliefs. The Queen’s Park Ward Budget provided £500 towards the cost of this event.

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Queen’s Park Court

Posted: 21/06/09

Residents have contacted local Labour Councillors about nuisance and anti-social behaviour caused by young people who sit around the communal area and intimidate people who live in the block. We have asked the police to increase their patrols.


We have also asked the Council to monitor the water pressure after reports that the pressure has fallen again.

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Posted: 20/06/09

The long-awaited Dog Control Orders will be in force in Queen’s Park Ward soon and this will enable the police to take action against owners who do not control their dogs. Local Labour Councillors are liaising closely with the police and City Guardians about owners who allow their dogs to foul the pavements and believe that firm action should be taken against anti-social owners.


On a brighter note, Crissie Chambers will be holding another Dog Show on 25th July as part of her dog socialising class initiative. This year there is a new category – Pup Idol – which is open to children to enter their dog.

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Prince of Wales Junction Market

Posted: 18/06/09

The market at the Prince of Wales Junction has opened and offers quality take away food including paella, crepes and roast meats, flowers and organic fruit and vegetables. The new market has about 20 stalls offering a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, clothes and daily essentials, as well as a store run by local youth club, The Stowe Centre, to encourage young people to become entrepreneurs. It is hoped the new market which will run on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays until 8 pm.

Have you been to the market? What do you think?

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Kilburn Lane

Posted: 18/06/09

Local Labour Councillors have asked when the road will be resurfaced along the section of Kilburn Lane between Banister Road and Chamberlayne Road. Also, residents would like there to be a weight restriction notice at both ends of this section to stop the juggernauts making their lives a misery, and have asked for this be arranged.

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Fallodon House – Major Works

Posted: 17/06/09

The proposed major works were presented to residents in March and it was agreed that there would be a monthly meeting to update residents about the works. Once surveys are completed a ballot will be sent to residents to ascertain whether they would prefer the windows to be replaced or repaired. If residents choose for the windows to be replaced then a further open meeting will be arranged to present window designs for residents to select. The residents present at the meeting were keen to see the fence around the garden area changed. City West Homes are investigating whether or not there is a right of way across the garden. If there is no right of way then they will look to enclose the garden with a private entrance for residents only.

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Environment Issues

Posted: 16/06/09

Local Labour Councillors are supporting a suggestion that the bases of street trees are regularly pruned in order to keep them tidy and rubbish free. As one resident told us;


“I expect that you have noticed the growths from the bases of some of the trees on the avenues. I am convinced that if they are left as they are, they encourage people to dump beer cans and bags of rubbish on the bases. This also encourages dogs to do what dogs do. The general mess will encourage louts to leave more litter. This will encourage a general ‘don’t care’ attitude and the area can then get steadily more unkempt, go down in quality”

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Oliphant Street

Posted: 15/06/09

Local Labour Councillors have been asked by residents in Oliphant Street to investigate the possibility of traffic calming and have asked the Director of Transport to investigate what can be done;


“There is a problem with scooters and motorcycles.  One of the racetracks is Oliphant / Peach / Ilbert and back to Oliphant…..Oliphant Street must have one of the highest percentages of young families in the city.”


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House of Commons Select Committee blasts councils like Westminster for Icelandic investments

Posted: 12/06/09

Following the Icelandic Bank investment fiasco stronger standards of financial oversight must be applied by local authorities like Conservative controlled Westminster City Council say a cross-party committee of MPs, in a hard-hitting report of their recent inquiry into local authority investment practices.  Launching the report, Phyllis Starkey MP, Chair of the Communities and Local Government Select Committee, said,
“Our inquiry has exposed a significant level of misunderstanding, misinformation and complacency– not just within local authorities, but also amongst those who provide them with specialist investment advice. These failures put taxpayers’ money at unnecessary risk. Tougher regulation of treasury management advisers and tighter scrutiny around local authority investment decision making are needed to ensure that the emphasis is on security first, while also providing sufficient liquidity and profit.”
The Committee took evidence from Westminster Labour Councillors David Boothroyd and Paul Dimoldenberg which was acknowledged in paragrahs 45 and 46 of the report:


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Posted: 12/06/09

Transport for London recently moved the bus stop on Shirland Road outside Charfield Court a few yards down the road, and then removed the bus shelter which many pensioners on the Amberley Estate (and non-pensioners too) used to rest while waiting for buses. Residents were concerned that it would be gone for good.


After we pressed for an explanation the Council has reassured us that it is part of a bigger scheme to try to stop Shirland Road being blocked up when buses can't pull in to the stop, and that the idea is to split the bus stops on either side of the street so that they are not near the refuge in the centre of Shirland Road used by pedestrians to cross. Unfortunately this scheme is still being prepared but they hope to work on it later this year. We will make sure pensioners are not left without their bus shelter for long.

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