My position on Child Poverty

Posted: 10/07/09

13.5 million people are live in poverty in the UK, and one child in two is living below the poverty line in inner London- and this despite years of progress.

I am extremely proud to have been a member of a party who introduced the groundbreaking commitment to eradicate child poverty by 2020. The pledge made by the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair , has put the issue of child poverty firmly in the public consciousness and no party can now afford to ignore the issue.

That commitment has recently been made statutory. It is a major step towards ending Britain's child poverty shame. Action to tackle this injustice is no longer optional. Over the last decade the Government has implemented social policies that helped reduce the number of children living in poverty by 600,000.

But still too many children grow up in poverty with all the pernicious effects for their life changes which flow from this. The problem is more acute for children in Westminster as children in Inner London statistically face the highest risk of being materially deprived, with nearly one-third of children experiencing material deprivation, double the national rate.

We now face tougher economic times but that only makes it more imperative to continue the work to eradicate the blight of child poverty.

I will continue to campaign locally and nationally to end move towards that historic goal of eradicating child poverty. This also ties in to my campaigning work on fair pay, because as things stand, more than half of those below the poverty line are in work. I'll let you know how we can take action as a community to do this.

In the meantime if you want to be emailed with updates on my child poverty campaigns or want to pledge your support please contact me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Yours sincerely,

Karen Buck MP