Women Like Us and Yvette Cooper come to Gateway School

Posted: 22/10/09

Women Like Us is a voluntary group that organises in schools and Children's Centres to support parents going into work. Work can be a big step for parents, especially when they are worried about making the change from benefits to wages; possibly getting into financial difficulties during this transition; finding suitable childcare and so on. Women Like Us is there to led advice, support and assistance, and draws on parents with direct experience to help others in the same position.

This week, Secretary of State Yvette Cooper came to Gateway School to watch Women like us in action, and to answer questions from parents. It was marvellous to hear their commitment to learning, training and working, and good to have the chance to pick up some of the practical problems they face and which we need to deal with - like access to qualifications in childcare, and threats of action on rent arrears while waiting for Housing Benefit to be reviewed.

If you would like to know more about Women Like Us, please get in touch.