Westminster Council lagging behind in energy efficiency

Posted: 27/06/09

It has come to my attention that Westminster Council appears to lag behind drastically in action to convert its council buildings to be energy efficient and carbon neutral. This is disappointing because if we as a country are to meet our emissions targets of 80 per cent by 2050 we will need private and governmental institutions at all levels to deliver energy efficiency and carbon savings.

A reply recently received by Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg from the Council which I was shown - stressing, among other things, that Westminster's performance is not too far behind the national average of a Grade D listing - did little to reassure me that the steps that have been taken go far enough or fast enough.

I have therefore written to the Chief Executive of Westminster Council asking what immediate action is being taken to reverse this sad state of affairs. I will relay his response to you all as soon as I receive it.

As a Borough we need to take a lead on energy efficiency not lag behind. Words alone are not enough, the imperative of tackling climate change demands we take action now.

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