Wessex Gardens

Posted: 30/04/09

Local Labour Councillors are working closely with Wesssex Gardens Residents Association and had a productive meeting with City West Homes to discuss various shortcomings in the quality of repairs and maintenance on the estate. Four issues were identified:

§         The performance of Linbrook - Quality of Work;  Poor communication with residents about repair works and a failure to follow through on promises

§         CWH’s poor record when it comes to contract letting, particularly with Linbrooks and the cancellation on two occasions in the recent past of the contract for the estate’s heating system

§         A deficient maintenance/service programme on CWH’s part in relation to the estate’s heating system.

§          CWH’s failure to respond at all to 77 claims for compensation that were submitted in February in relation to the breakdown of the heating system.

Local Councillors also asked City West Homes to investigate the misuse of the ground floor bin room at Shottsford by prostitutes. As a result, increased Police patrols will be introduced.