Tories have to decide if they are serious - do they want to spend more money or less?

Posted: 22/07/09

One day the Conservatives, locally and nationally, are calling for massive public spending cuts. The next, they are complaining that the government is not spending enough money! The latest example of their spending hypocrisy concerns the Adult Education College, which has fallen foul (hopefully only temporarily) of a massive over-commitment on the Learning and Skills Council budget. The Adult Education College needs a new, modern home and I have already met with them to discuss our campaign to get back on track. I would genuinely like to see this investment which will back up the £100 million plus now being spent on our brand new College of Further Education in Paddington Green, the £152 Westminster are receiving in the Building Schools of the Future programme, and the £75 million worth of new secondary schools in North Westminster. The Conservatives on the other hand seem to want it both ways, complaining about the funding problems of the Adult Education project while also calling for spending to be slashed. What hypocrites! The Tories should come clean with people or make up their minds.