Tackling Prostitution

Posted: 24/06/09

Local Labour Councillors have been working closely with the police based at Harrow Road police station and pressing Westminster council to help solve the problem of prostitution which have bedevilled the Westbourne Park Road area for many years. They have heard from local residents that police operations have been successful in keeping prostitutes largely away from the streets during the daytime, but that later at night they are present in large numbers - sometimes up to 6 AM. Residents have told local councillors that the aggressive behaviour by prostitutes has stopped, but that their controllers can still be confrontational.


Local Labour Councillors understand the police are bringing in a specialist team from the Clubs and Vice squad who have experience in other areas of London. They are also beginning an action on the kerb crawlers who use prostitutes. The Harrow Road police have already been increasing their street presence and are still doing so. They are bringing in six Special Constables and a Special Sergeant to help them on the prostitution problem