Pedestrian Crossing Campaign

Posted: 17/04/09

We have received a great deal of support for our campaign against the Mayor’s proposal to reduce the time that pedestrian have to cross the road at pelican crossings. Residents have told us:


“I am glad you are arguing against cutting the time given for pedestrians to cross light-controlled crossings. We frequently use the crossing across the Finchley Road to St John's Wood tube station. We are able-bodied and we find it a sprint. The elderly and infirm, those with pushchairs or encumbered by baggage can't possibly manage to cross safely in the time. Inadequate crossing time encourages pedestrians to take risks – for instance crossing the Finchley Road to and from the tube station, pedestrians seeing the north-south traffic halting often start out against the red man light and are caught by cars turning into the Finchley Road.”


“I am outraged by this proposal.  The Buchanan Report, all those years ago, showed that the longer people had to wait to cross the road, the more likely they were to take risks with resulting accidents.  More immediately, 70% of residents in Westminster do not have their own car” 

“I strongly support your campaign not to reduce the time for crossing. Maybe our mayor should bear in mind that even he will not remain as active and mobile when he becomes a pensioner. Or has he a hidden agenda to help train our sprint runners for the 2012 Olympic Games?”

“As a pedestrian you would need to be a fit athlete to cross with the existing times, bearing in mind traffic 'turning across from side roads' and the obvious hurry of drivers trying to 'beat the lights'. They should be left alone- or even extended, as I feel that pedestrians are regarded as second class citizens and don't count.”


“I was pleased to read about your pedestrian crossing campaign.  I am a mother of two young children and totally agree that we don't want shorter crossing times.”