New trees at the corner of Kilburn Lane and Ilbert Street

Posted: 24/04/09

A semi-mature North American Sweet Gum tree has been planted at the junction of Kilburn Lane and Ilbert Street following a long campaign by residents led by Julie Power and her neighbours. The tree, which has maple-like leaves that turn a bold crimson in the autumn will add a vibrant splash of colour to the area. In addition, the area at the junction of Kilburn Lane and Ilbert Street has been repaved and de-cluttered, with railings and signs removed to make way for the gum tree and two smaller ornamental Chanticleer Pear trees. The next stage is to persuade BT to remove the telephone box which is constantly being vandalized and used by drug dealers.

Along with the new gum tree, which can grow up to 60ft high, the junction at the start of this section of Kilburn Lane by Chamberlayne Road has been narrowed to help stem the flow of traffic and deter drivers from using it as a short-cut for cars and lorries making their way between the main section of Kilburn Lane and Harrow Road.

”The trees at the end of Ilbert Street are, indeed, an excellent improvement. Thank you so much.”


Resident of Ilbert Street