Karen opens latest medical facilities at Ha’penny steps in Harrow Road

Posted: 18/10/10

This morning Karen Buck opened the latest medical facilities at Ha'penny Steps in Harrow Road. The new Centre will be open 365 days a year, 12 hours every day and is managed by General Practitioners. It is another good example of the real difference which the outgoing Labour Government's investment in local health services has made to the lives of people in communities across London.

The practice can treat any patients during their opening hours and will be especially valuable to patients needing a GP who are not registered or need help at the weekends or in the evenings. Individuals can also register with the practice, although anyone can be treated and referred back to their own GP for continuing care.

The Labour government was proud of its investment in the nation's health services and rightly so. Innovative practices such as this are a testament to that investment. The opening of these new facilities builds on the other reforms the last government introduced including more NHS dentists and the brand new Stowe Health Centre and the Harrow Road medical centre. In addition to these primary care services, St Charles Hospital has also opened a 7 day Urgent Care Service and a specialist clinic for diabetes sufferers.