Karen honoured for campaign work on child poverty by Child Poverty Action Group

Posted: 30/03/10

Karen Buck MP has been chosen for a second successive year as the Child Poverty Action Group MP of the Year for her work campaigning on behalf of low income families and children. C

PAG will present her with a certificate in recognition of this work on Thursday afternoon.

Meanwhile, The Institute of Fiscal Studies, Britain's leading independent economic think-tank, have weighed in to the debate on social inequality and unemployment - a key theme being used by the Conservatives. The IFS have pointed out that the record on youth unemployment was no better, and on poverty and inequality was considerablu worse, during the Thatcher and Major administrations than it has been under the Labour Governments of the last 13 years.

The IFS has also made clear its belief that direct tax and benefit changes made by the previous Conservative governments acted to increase income inequality, whereas those made by since 1997-98 have benefitted those on low-incomes rather than those on higher.

Karen said: "I want to see more done to support children growing up in our low income households - that is why I have campaigned for a Living Wage, tax credits and better childcare. I am delighted that we have also managed to invest in a network of Children's Centres locally, together with support for families in need, and more help for working parents. The Conservative record in these areas was truly shocking - poverty more than doubled and inequality soared during their last period in government, and their current plans would make matters worse, not better"