Karen calls for urgent representations to ease the siege on Gaza

Posted: 07/01/10

At Prime Ministers' Questions on 6th January Karen Buck asked the Prime Minister a question about the Israeli siege of Gaza which began in November 1998.

Karen asked:
"A year on from the devastating conflict in Gaza, which left 1,400 Palestinians dead, the siege continues. Humanitarian relief is hard to come by, and Gaza lies shattered. Although there were undoubtedly war crimes on both sides, does my right hon. Friend agree that what is now happening is the collective punishment of 1 million people? Will he now make urgent representations to ease the siege on Gaza as a critical step towards a peace settlement in that region?"

The Prime Minister replied that he had raised the issue of the continuing blockade with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and the speed at which aid and humanitarian assistance can get into Gaza. He also spoke of the British Government's pressing of the Israeli Government to do more to get more aid in to the Gaza strip. He also promised in light of the points she made to look into what more can be done by Britain in the New Year.