Environment Issues

Posted: 16/06/09

Local Labour Councillors are supporting a suggestion that the bases of street trees are regularly pruned in order to keep them tidy and rubbish free. As one resident told us;


“I expect that you have noticed the growths from the bases of some of the trees on the avenues. I am convinced that if they are left as they are, they encourage people to dump beer cans and bags of rubbish on the bases. This also encourages dogs to do what dogs do. The general mess will encourage louts to leave more litter. This will encourage a general ‘don’t care’ attitude and the area can then get steadily more unkempt, go down in quality”

“If the street sweepers were asked to cut back the growths as soon as they reached a few inches, the problem would be solved. The cost would be minimal in terms of sweepers’ time and could even lead to savings.”

Do you agree? What is your view of this suggestion?