Posted: 10/06/09

Council would rather spend £1.8 million on Marble Arch fountains and £5.8 million on staff bonuses
Labour Church Street Councillors Barbara Grahame and Aziz Toki have demanded an inquiry into why Westminster City Council has stopped rebuilding work at Broadley Gardens which closed last year and also forced the removal of the long-standing IMPS Playgroup. The Gardens have been closed since last autumn after Westminster Conservative promised to give the Gardens a facelift and rebuild the nursery.
But, following the loss of £17 million in now-failed Icelandic Banks, Labour Councillors believe that the Conservatives have now run out of money for the rebuilding of the Gardens and the Playgroup building and have halted all building work. And earlier this year Mayor Johnson refused to give Westminster £400,000 for the rebuilding of the Gardens.
Councillor Barbara Grahame said;
"This part of Church Street is one of the mose densely populated areas in Westminster. Yet the Conservatives would rather spend £1.8 million on tarting up Marble Arch fountains and giving already well-paid senior staff over £5 million in bonuses then spend the money on local residents in Church Street."
Councillor Aziz Toki said;
"Once again the Conservatives have put Church Street at the bottom of the pile for improvements and at the top of the list for cuts in services."