Clear and unequivocal: my position on the Iraq War

Posted: 20/04/10

In Parliament I have fought for dozens of causes dear to me including better childcare, raising the wages of those on low-incomes, tackling climate change and highlighting the suffering of the people of Gaza.

I work as part of a team wherever possible but I've never been afraid of voting against the government when my conscience dictated.

That is why I voted against the Government over its decision to participate in the invasion of Iraq. I felt at the time (and still do) that the war was an incorrect judgement call. This was why I supported, along with 160 other MPs from all parties, the crucial Kilfoyle amendment (Division 117, March 18th 2003) which stated that this House:

• believes that the case for war against Iraq has not yet been established, especially given the absence of specific United Nations authorisation; but,

• in the event that hostilities do commence, pledges its total support for the British forces engaged in the Middle East, expresses its admiration for their courage, skill and devotion to duty, and hopes that their tasks will be swiftly concluded with minimal casualties on all sides.

And it is why nearly every major media outlet in the country - and abroad - included me in their list of so-called ‘rebel' Labour Members of Parliament: