A Coalition Government who are making those on low-incomes carry the greatest burden

Posted: 15/09/10

The Conservatives have described their partnership with the Liberal Democrats as a
"progressive alliance". The Liberal Democrats have similarly tried to claim the progressive mantle and reverse the discontent among their own supporters by suggesting that they are exerting a moderating influence on the Conservatives.

Neither is the case. The affect of the Emergency Budget and the rapid and drastic cuts that the Government is making mean that the poorest and most vulnerable in society will carry the greatest burden. As the independent Institute for Fiscal Studies has stated the Coalition's Budget looks "regressive". It will hit families, pensioners and the poorest hardest despite the Chancellor George Osborne's promise that he was "not going to balance the budget on the backs of the poor". Through all of this the Liberal Democrats have been unwilling, or unable, to stop the Conservatives ideologically driven proposals.

On Tuesday I held an Adjournment debate in Westminster Hall to debate the impact of the Budget on low-income households.

You can read the points MPs made in the debate by clicking on this link: