20 is Plenty in Church Street

Posted: 20/07/11

Westminster Labour Councillors are calling on Westminster Council to address road safety concerns across Church Street by introducing 20 mph zones in traffic “hotspots” in the ward.

Streets on the Lisson Green estate would greatly benefit from reducing the speed motorists can travel, as would Frampton Street, Penfold Street and Broadley Street.

But any changes must come with a full consultation with residents. We believe that no-one knows their local area better than the people who live there, and they should be the ones who help inform where the Council should change the speed limit.

The Conservative-controlled council rejected our call to introduce 20 mph zones last year, but the Coalition Government believes that such restrictions would help improve safety. To that end, it has said that Council’s can introduce 20 mph zones as long as it produces a “cost-benefit” analysis of any scheme.